Just the Beginning

When I close my eyes, I can still hear the busy streets, smell the garlic, and feel the Tuscan sunshine on my face.

I just got home yesterday after studying abroad in Florence, Italy for four months. The food, the wine, the people, the experiences, they will forever be close to my heart.

Welcome to my blog! I had my mind set on starting a food-healthy living style blog after studying abroad in Italy, where I learned to slow down, love food, and enjoy the home-cooking and deep appreciation of food. Food is simply beautiful, it nourishes us and literally becomes apart of us. The food that I ate there was fresh, natural, and wholesome, and it inspired me to bring it back home. Home-made pasta, fresh tomato sauce from scratch, espresso after lunch, and fresh and local olive oil, take me back!

I hope to keep track of healthy eating and bring back the food-mentality that I discovered from Italy home. I want to prepare my own food, make meals from scratch, eat wholesome, and find the enjoyment that I had when eating even a cone of gelato by the river.

Let me introduce myself, before I get carried away with blogging!

My name is Mary, and I am a senior at college, with my mind set on becoming a journalist. I hope to work with some publication of some sort, really, any medium will do. Magazines, newspapers, books; I just want to write and work with the written word.

I am from Colorado, so the outdoor and fit lifestyle was born in me. I love the mountains, fresh cool morning air, and sitting outside in the sunshine.

I love my family, my friends, my dog, and of course, chocolate. I want to express my belief that the food we eat should be as close-to-the-source as possible, always fresh and always wholesome! So here is my little blog, here to express my beliefs and hold myself true to what I hope to hold onto from Italy. And most importantly, we must enjoy our food. That is the spice of life! So eat your chocolate, I say!

Additionally, studying abroad did do a number on my waistline. I enjoyed every last pound that I gained, and it was inevitable from not working out properly and yes, sometimes eating gelato two times a day.

So here I am, starting fresh and new, with my first blog post. Nice to meet ya!!

This morning was a new start for me, attempting to get back on track with my health and workout regimen, and slowly transition back into an active lifestyle. This morning, I woke up and knew one thing; I had to get to the gym. I was literally craving sweat, I wanted to sweat. It had been 3 and a half months since I’ve been to the gym, and I definitely needed it.

I decided to hit the spin bike for 30 minutes, and quickly found the sweat I wanted as I tried my breath! I alternated between sets of 30 second springs and climbs. Then I hit the elliptical for 15 minutes, and last did some abs. It was a workout, and I was beat! It really doesn’t take that long to get out of shape, and I discovered I am really out of it.

I refueled after my workout with a great snack. It is key to refuel after a work out almost as much as it is to fuel for one. However, just because you got the burn at the gym doesn’t give you free range at the fridge. I always try to stay around 200 calories for a snack if I’m not eating a meal after a workout. I had a slice of cheese, two slices of turkey, and a handful of grapes: a great protein and carb ratio.

Being back in America, I have another thing on my to-do list: eat at Chipotle! I know this isn’t the best decision, but I have to indulge in one of my favorite restaurant chains back in America. So, that will be my late lunch, going with my brother after his lacrosse game!

Well, thank you for tuning in to my new blog 🙂 Off to get a Chipotle burrito!

Until next time!


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