We Never Forgot… God Bless America!

Good afternoon fellow bloggies!!

Well, as most of you know, today is one day that will go down in history. I just want to take a second to thank our troops and the families who have loved ones serving abroad. You keep us safe and allow us to live in the America we know today. Thank you!!

Well, after such a memorable day, I have been packing, cleaning the car, doing last-minute laundry, and watching the news all day. Tomorrow early in the morn’ my mother and I will begin the journey and road trip to Spokane, Washington! I am definitely looking forward to Spokane this summer: my first independant summer. My first real journalistic job, and a summer filled with fun with my friends.

So, its time to buckle-down on my health- summer is the perfect time to get in shape! And time to be smart about traveling. Here is what I have packed for the 11 -hour drive to Spokane and other strategies up my sleeve:

  • -Whole, unsalted and raw almonds
  • -Red apples (a couple sliced for easy consumption and others whole to save them for longer days!)
  • -Lots of water (got my Sigg ready!)
  • -Whole wheat pita and hummus in a small cooler
  • -Baby Carrots
Now, time for rest stop strategies!
  • -I will always opt for Subway over any other burger-joint. They always make you feel better after eating them, aren’t so greasy, and have much better choices for healthy-on-the-go!
  • -STARBUCKS . Hey, I’m going to need my coffee to keep going! Gotta love hot summer days and iced coffees.
  • -Gereral smart-ness. Gotta have my witts about me!
Well, off to continue stuffing my suitcase with the too many things that I have. honestly, how did I ever get all this stuff home with me!?
Ciao for now bloggies. Go enjoy this day, because many, many troops have worked hard to make this day happen. Embrace your loved ones. Enjoy some sunshine. Pray for all those lost in the war, on 9/11, and who fought for terrorism.

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