Long Time No Post!

Hello all my little bloggies out there!!

It has been some time since my last post and I apologize! I have been in Spokane the two weeks, catching up with friends and moving into the new house! That being said, I don’t currently have a real bed to call my own these past few days and I have also been out-of funk with my healthy eating and exercise.

Yesterday was Graduation, and I watched as lots of dear friends walked in blue gowns and caps and pick up diplomas. We then helped them pack up their belongings in boxes but also celebrated their commencement. Thrust into the real world!? That will be my class in just one year!?! Scary thoughts, my friends.

We have been celebrating all that is summer with the last few days with my fellow seniors still around campus. Hanging out in the park, running around barefoot, and playing pick up basketball on the court behind my new house in the warm Spokane sun has been glorious! 🙂 Got to love summer nights!!

I have to admit something to my fellow food-bloggies. I seem to have fallen in love with fro-yo. Delicious low-fat frozen yogurt with all the fruit toppings (and chocolate!!) you can get!?! Yum. The fav local spot is called Froyo Earth. It is absolutely the local place to go! But I have a dilemma for you fellow bloggies… This derails my attempts to eliminate diary from my diet!! I know that they have sorbet but I can’t seem to forgo creamy vanilla yogurt. So my friends, this is my decision: Frozen yogurt will be my once-in-a-while splurge. It’s good to have one thing to splurge and look forward to, that way the rest of it doesn’t seem so impossible, it is actually very easy and comes naturally!!

Froyo Earth! Heaven in a paper cup 🙂

I also started my internship with the local newspaper The Fig Tree!! We edited lots of great stories about ordinary people making a difference in the local community. Talk about inspired!! Here is a link to our newspaper!


witness as my journalist career unfolds 😉

well that’s all for now my fellow foodies. Expect lots of posts on food, exercise and the beginning of my journey! I’m all settled in and ready to go.

Ciao for now!



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