The Joys of Flax!

Good Morning!!

Well, let’s get to blogging. I promise I will become a better food blogger! I have my  camera now sitting on my kitchen counter as a constant reminder to use it!!

So this morning, I did just that. I am extremely low on groceries right about now. Hence, the food as been extremely lack-luster for food blog worthiness. So this morning I plunged into the freezer for a so-heavenly green smoothie. I used the rest of my smoothie ingredients even, so I NEED to make a grocery trip. Pronto!

I put in extra berries into today’s smoothie, so it came out a lovely purple-hue. So purple in fact, the large handful of frozen spinach didn’t even come out to shine. One of these days I will make sure to have the greenest green smoothie to awe and inspire. 😉

Here is today’s smoothie!

-Lots of frozen berries

-1 cup of almond milk

-1/2 c of frozen spinach

-1 tablespoon of flaxseed

-1 teaspoon vanilla extract

So my smoothie was so full of frozen goodies it was SOOO THICK. Too thick for a glass… so I turned it into a Smoothie-Bowl soup topped with granola. So filling and so energizing. YUM!  Side of coffee, of course 🙂

Smoothie-thickness spoon test. A must for smoothie-connoisseur and thick-smoothie lovers alike:

Talking about flaxseed, I finally added some to my college pantry. Flaxseed is so great because it is a little powerhouse of nutrients, most infamously omega-3’s. Lots of healthy fats, fiber, thingy’s called lignans, which have excellent antioxidant qualities. I recently made a trip up to Seattle for a lovely Memorial Day weekend, which included a stop at Trader Joe’s!!!!! And guess what: They are adding one in Spokane in November! Yee-hawww! I love Trader Joe’s. It’s like any foodie’s dream to shop there, and it’s not too pricey either 😉 lots of healthy options and yummy-yumminess.

Well I bought my flaxseed there, and found out when I opened it that it was roasted! It added a very strong nutty flavor to my smoothie. That’s ok, it tasted, well interesting. Maybe some new smoothie concoctions to spin-off of the nutty flavor!? But a fun fact is that while roasted, the flaxseed is easier to eat and to absorb all the wonderfulness then its full version. So I won’t need to do all this grinding (except in smoothies, of course!) I can top it on cereals, soups, add it to baking… the possibilities are ENDLESS. What an easy addition to a college student on-the-go, ya?

Well, some other news. I found this great book at a local store in Spokane called The Kitchen Engine.

They have all sorts of classes and sooo much great kitchen ware. Bank account, beware. 🙂 But they also offer classes and I hope to do a post on one someday!

Well with that, I am off to a lunch meeting with The Fig Tree, so I will catch you all later.

Ciao for now! -Mary