About Me

Hello All!

Senior in college. Looking for a change. Ready to get healthy and get my life on track.

Me in front of beautiful Florence

My name is Mary, and I decided to start a food blog, like the many out there, to inspire and to keep me in check for leading a healthy and full lifestyle. I just got back from beautiful and romantic Florence, Italy, where I spent three and a half months studying abroad. I was so fortunate for this experience, and so eternally grateful. I was able to see the world, literally. I set my feet in 8 different countries, countless cities, and learned the lifestyle that many envy of the Italians.

Along the Arno

What I am most appreciative for bringing home with me is the appreciation of food. Food sustains us, nourishes us, and literally becomes a part of us. I learned to slow down, enjoy food close to the source, eat wholesome and natural foods. No more processed sauce-in-a-jar, eating healthy and whole is as simple as throwing tomatoes in a put to make your own red sauce. Food is in us, around us, inspires us, feeds us, fills us, and even drives us crazy.

This blog is to help me keep track of a healthy life but also connect with other foodies out there. I also am on my path to eliminating all animal products in a slow and easy transition. I have dappled with a vegetarian diet for most of my teen years, but now I have seen the health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits from having a compassionate diet.

So here I am, with all my gusto, starting a new chapter in my life! I am about to thrust myself into the real world while enjoying the last year of college. I want to be healthy, budget-minded, and also write (because I love it!)

Thanks for tuning into my blog, and here’s to loving food, eating chocolate, and loving life 🙂



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