Work Outs

Here you can find inspiration, ideas, or simply thoughts about working out!

Spinning Bike Work Out (aka the butt-kicker)

Here is a great link to, where it can give you the basics of spinning. I recommend going to classes to get the instruction and encouragement, which makes spinning so much fun. If you are like me and sometimes want to create  your own workout, this will give you all the spinning basics!

Livestrong Spinning 101 

Then, you can build a custom workout plan that fits your needs and goals. I usually train in intervals: sprint or climb at max effort, then recover. Then, repeat!

Jump-Training Work Outs

I used my high-school basic training for volleyball to train my legs and butt today. Jump training is a great workout: it works major muscles, sculptes great legs and a great tush, and is an intense cardio workout! Here are some basic moves I have learned over the years to add to your routine. They are great to add to a weight-training day because they elevate your heart rate and can complement the basic lunges, squats, and leg-press routines.

Tuck Jump: Stand with feet hip-width apart. Start in a low squat with your arms and abs engaged, then jump up and raise your arms up in the air. As you are in the air, bring your legs up into your core, as you tuck in. Make sure you land softly to protect your knees and try to jump as high as you can each time! Repeat as many as you can in 1-2 minutes, or aim for 20+ reps.

High Ski Jump: Imagine a 2 foot wall and stand parallel to it. Keeping hips in line and core engaged, jump to the side over the wall, making sure to tuck your legs up and over the wall. Jump as high as you can! Return quickly. Do as many as you can in 1-2 minutes/20+ reps.

Plyo-Metric basics: Plyo-metrics are great to increase agility and cooridnation. Imagine a minature four-square box infront of you. Alternate with both feet and then with one foot, and jump forward and backward, side to side, and cross-angle as quickly as possible for 1-2 minutes.

Plyo-metric lunges: lunge as you would in a basic lunge, then jump up and switch into the opposite lunge on your other leg as quickly as possible. Alternate for your desired time.


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