Beans N’ Rice

Well hello bloggies!

Summer is flying by here, and I oft find something extraordinarily interesting to post about (food wise) as of late. I have been trying to rein in my finances, so variety in my cooking has been scarce. That is not to say it hasn’t been healthy or delicious! I have to share with you probably the most simple and easy, tasty and healthy, college-proof, fail-proof veggie-friendly team. A complete punch, a dynamic duo, and unstoppable force: beans and rice.

The only woe I have today is… no more camera. I feel it was on its last leg about a month ago in Greece, so it is time to say goodbye. You have treated me so well, camera. You have been to many places, old friend. You accompanied me abroad, and you were the first big purchase with my own money I have ever made back in high school. It has been a wonderful 6 years with you, my friend. 🙂

Anyways, back to the eats. Until I work again, as a barista at my college’s coffee shop on campus in a few weeks, I will have to borrow my housemate’s camera. For now, this post will be lacking in color.

For some easy-peasy beans and rice, here is what you do. It is a great staple for vegetarians because it is complete in protein and nutrients (throw in some veggies too!) and yummy. And easy on the wallet. And waistline. It is a win-win in my book!

It is absolutely a simple ordeal. One, pick a bean. Any will do I have found! I have made it with black, kidney, pinto, and tonight was white beans. Each add a different texture, so you can experiment with different seasonings you want to add, and each is delicious with a grain. I have used up my quinoa stock, so now it was good, old and reliable brown rice. Me? I LOVE spicy food. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I live for my red pepper flakes, chilli powder, and even cayenne. Bring on the spicy!


The easiest way to quickly whip up a batch of spicy beans and rice is to pick out a veggie-style taco seasoning packet (I got mine from Trader Joe’s! So good!) and then sautee them beans up. Boil some water for your grains and steam em’ up. It is that simple!

Beans N’ Rice

1. Rinse our your beans well if they are canned, or pre-soak your beans before cooking.

2. Heat up a large skillet with stick-spray or oil.

3. Sautee up some onion of your choice.

4. Throw in the beans! Let them heat up and sizzle, you may need to add water as you go to ensure they won’t stick.

6. Add your seasonings of choice, such as a taco seasoning packet. Go ahead and experiment. Let me know what you come up with too! 🙂

5. If you wish, add some veggies. I have added broccoli, corn, and spinach (add at the very last minute to avoid over cooking your leafy greens!)

6. Pile on top of some steamed up grains.

7. EAT.

They are filling and yummy, oh and supply great leftovers for taking to work.

Well, with that I am off. Ciao for now! -Mary


Long Time No Post!

Hello all my little bloggies out there!!

It has been some time since my last post and I apologize! I have been in Spokane the two weeks, catching up with friends and moving into the new house! That being said, I don’t currently have a real bed to call my own these past few days and I have also been out-of funk with my healthy eating and exercise.

Yesterday was Graduation, and I watched as lots of dear friends walked in blue gowns and caps and pick up diplomas. We then helped them pack up their belongings in boxes but also celebrated their commencement. Thrust into the real world!? That will be my class in just one year!?! Scary thoughts, my friends.

We have been celebrating all that is summer with the last few days with my fellow seniors still around campus. Hanging out in the park, running around barefoot, and playing pick up basketball on the court behind my new house in the warm Spokane sun has been glorious! 🙂 Got to love summer nights!!

I have to admit something to my fellow food-bloggies. I seem to have fallen in love with fro-yo. Delicious low-fat frozen yogurt with all the fruit toppings (and chocolate!!) you can get!?! Yum. The fav local spot is called Froyo Earth. It is absolutely the local place to go! But I have a dilemma for you fellow bloggies… This derails my attempts to eliminate diary from my diet!! I know that they have sorbet but I can’t seem to forgo creamy vanilla yogurt. So my friends, this is my decision: Frozen yogurt will be my once-in-a-while splurge. It’s good to have one thing to splurge and look forward to, that way the rest of it doesn’t seem so impossible, it is actually very easy and comes naturally!!

Froyo Earth! Heaven in a paper cup 🙂

I also started my internship with the local newspaper The Fig Tree!! We edited lots of great stories about ordinary people making a difference in the local community. Talk about inspired!! Here is a link to our newspaper!

witness as my journalist career unfolds 😉

well that’s all for now my fellow foodies. Expect lots of posts on food, exercise and the beginning of my journey! I’m all settled in and ready to go.

Ciao for now!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Its that time of the year again: spring dresses, morning mass, and lots of goodies left behind by the so-called Easter Bunny; Easter. From this sweet lover with a healthy goal in mind, I wil have to get back on track tomorrow.

So for now, I am going to enjoy my chocolate bunny, spending time with family, and get back on the bandwagon tomorrow.

Ciao for now!