A Day to Set Goals

Whats up bloggies?

I am just very nervous, excited, anxious and all sorts of giddy about telling you about my new goal. Once it’s out on the blog, it is for real. No turning back. No backing out. No. Quitting. Whatsoever. And here it is: my friend Lindsey and I are embarking on a great journey together and setting a great, big goal to work towards: Our very first half marathon!!!

I know, it’s serious. I have had my fair share of 5k’s, a 7k called Bloomsday in Spokane, and my first 10k which I have been working towards will be the Dirty Dash in August. But this is the real guy. Not as big and tough as a full-fledged marathon, no, but a teeth-grinder nonetheless. A 13.1 mile run around beautiful Spokane! I’ve marked my calendar: October 9. So, now it’s official. I am ready to do it!

I’ve decided to do a training trek I found on Runner’s World magazine, and its a nine-week program. I will be starting training in 2 weeks. Get ready for lots of posts about running! Don’t you fret, I will try to post as many yummy food posts (try to haha) as I can, but something new to look for 🙂

Ok. Food time. Recent meals consisted of: Green Monsters, (Can’t get enough. Honestly, they are amazing.)

Next, some collard greens. It was really my first encounter with this leafy vegetable. I would have posted the recipe, but they didn’t turn out well. It takes some manpower to cook down the greens I guess, they were very gritty.I will retry and share with you, and modifications are VERY much in need. If they are delicious, I will surely post it!

And last a recipe I want to introduce to you if you haven’t heard of them already. Overnight Oats! An alternative to get your heart-healthy oats in, a cold and chewy delight to wake up to, and just plain yummy.

I originally read this from another blog, found it in a few others, and have been eating them for quite sometime. So I have come to adapt it to my own liking, so you can too. All you need are a few trial-and-error experiences, and you are very ready to go!

Overnight Oats

1/3 cup of rolled oats

1 cup of almond milk, or milk of your choice

1 tablespoon of chia seed

1/2 diced banana

1/2 tbsp cinnamon

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

First, combine the dry ingredients first in your favorite bowl. Next, add the milk and bananas, stir, and then stir in some vanilla and if you like it sweet,  add 1/2 tablespoon of maple syrup. Now, stick it in the fridge. That’s it! Do this the night before your breakfast and overnight the oats soak up all the goodness so that in the morning, when you dive into your breakfast concoction, you will be eating refreshing, cold and chewy oats. It’s amazing, and it makes your morning so much easier! You can top it with fruit, chopped nuts, peanut butter, you name it.

And its a beautiful thing.

Well, ciao for now! -Mary